Growth Farming

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Growth Farming 101 (Free Course)
In this free course, gain a clear understanding of what Growth Farming is, how it works, and why fostering Love within the inner garden of your heart and mind is the key to living your best life. Included in this course are simple and practical tools to use to transform how you think and feel to improve your self-concept, grow in your spiritual journey, and have healthier relationships.
Let Love Overflow (Short Story)
After spending life in a state of stress and tension, something calls out from the forest. It's the sound of water running. Following this sound leads to a discovery of something beyond just a tranquil scene. It's the source that brings life new meaning and purpose. Follow this tale of self-discovery to see how you can access the source of life and peace in your own journey.
We Don't Know What We Don't Know (Short Story)
Everything was going along as it always had for Peter. Just copying and doing what everyone ahead of him was doing as he moved through life. But when he looked up one day and saw something fly into the sun and then keep going, he wondered how that was possible. Leading him to a fateful and curious excursion to discover that there's so much more to life and the world that he ever imagined.
Love Is The Seed (Digital Book)
Love is the greatest gift and blessing in life. Love is more than just a result or outcome. Love is also a seed and a state of being. Discover how to plant the seed of Love in your heart to transform your life and relationships.
The Truth That Keeps On Truthing (Short Story)
Explore in an expansive capacity the subjects of conscious creation, manifestation, and the teachings of Neville Goddard through this story about a college teacher named Joe. One day, when a few students noticed him in a coffee shop, he found himself teaching something beyond the classroom that would transform the lives of multiple people in very profound ways, and understanding that each of us is a writer and creator of our own story.
Confidence Like A Lion Course
Have you struggled with having confidence and believing in yourself? Do you feel easily taken advantage of, treating like a doormat, or unappreciated? If you have struggled with low self-worth, people-pleasing patterns, codependency, or lack of confidence, there is hope for you. There is a lion inside of you waiting to be brought to life. In this course, you'll discover how to awaken the confidence that already is inside of you, and gain the methods and tools to fully step into your power to transform into the fully realized version of yourself. This program combines two confidence building courses into one to give you a complete transformation in your beliefs, mindset, and inner narrative, along with immensely powerful tools to continue leveling up your life to live as the best version of you.
Self Love Essentials Course
Self-Love is about committing to Loving yourself all the way, to infinite and beyond, without a time limit on how long you’ll do it. There’s no “As long as this works out and I don’t have any problems” mentality. It’s choosing to be fully committed to yourself, no matter what. Utilizing the core essentials to operating with the Love that you are (and practicing daily) is the way to have a solid foundation for your relationship with yourself, with God, and with others.