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Ep. 37: Category Sex (Video) Patreon
Our sex toys arrive and we take them for a test drive. Feathery nipple covers and vibrating rings. Some of the camera work isn't the best, but there was a lot going on (and off) in all the right places! Join us as we get naked and sexing with our toys and put it all on video.
Art of Touch Workshop | Yoni Video Version
Follow along with us in your own space, when the time is right for you both, as we do the Yoni (women's) version of the workshop. Video includes introduction, meditation, massage instructions, all set to music.
Extra Stories from Antigua (Patreon Only)
Bonus material for our VIP section of the finer things in life... Richard goes off and explains why...he's defending our people! Richard invents an Olympic sport. And a few more surprises!
Ep. 33: Anal, Anal, Anal: A Play in Three Acts (Video)
This is segment two from the free episode where we stick things (including Richard) inside of Lauren's butt. The uncut version lives on here...
Finger a Bang Bang
Good Morrow to all!! Since today is the first of the month and also the day Patreon will come and take your money like and sneaky shylock. We humbly bribe you to stay for another month with this early podcast/video segment of Richard learning some 'finger bang' techniques. There is a part two available through Onlyfans. Spoiler alert. Lauren loses an eye.
A (mediocre) Step by Step Guide to (sorta) DP (NSFW)
Watch this Video as we go through our step by step instructions as to how to or how not to DP. It's always fun trying and we won't give up. Still looking for that extra for Project Airtight!! Use your login or your special super powers to watch. Enjoy and let us know what you think.